Laminate Flooring

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At Mersey Flooring, we understand what it takes to create your dream home. That is why we sell high-quality products at low prices, designed to restore the beauty and durability of your home. 

Our Waterproof laminate flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners. This laminate flooring is water-resistant to prevent water damage to your floors. We have tried and tested this product thoroughly to examine its capability. After two weeks of water submersion, our flooring showed no signs of quality alteration or deterioration. 

With our waterproof flooring, you can say goodbye to mould, mildew, and uneven surfaces. This is especially useful for areas with high moisture levels, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

However, with its stunning finish, our flooring is ideal for any room in your home. Due to this, our floor is commonly installed in living rooms and bedrooms to prevent damage from spills and other incidents. If you have messy children or a busy household, our waterproof floor may be your saving grace.

Our waterproof vinyl flooring is available in laminate form, LVT/SPC plank, LVT/SPC Herringbone and tile effect, suitable for various home needs and customer preferences. With a range of colours and designs to choose from, our flooring blends seamlessly with various interior styles. 

Browse our selection of flooring below to begin your dream renovation. Our waterproof laminate flooring is guaranteed to remain in top condition for many years to come. For more information, contact our team of experts here. Our store is located in Liverpool, although we do offer nationwide delivery.

We stock a large range of laminate flooring from the world's best brands. We buy all our laminate floors direct from the factory, so our prices are second to none. It's one of the world's most popular floor types, perfect for areas of heavy use or where low maintenance is important. It's harder to scratch than other wood floor types and simple to install.

What is laminate flooring?

If you want the look of wooden planks but need to stick to a budget, laminate flooring is a cheap and stylish alternative. Its practicality has been a big selling point since its introduction in the 1970s. 

Since then, the popularity of laminate flooring has exploded! It has become the primary flooring option for those who need a functional, DIY alternative to authentic wooden flooring. 

If your house is busy, with lots of feet pounding the ground, you can rest assured knowing laminate flooring is incredibly durable in those high-traffic areas. The high-resolution wood imaging is free of seams, making it wipeable and easy to clean. 

Those with pets or adventurous children may need a scratch-resistant floor that will keep well over time. Cheap laminate flooring has a tough resin layer resistant to even the messiest of children! Plus, any dust or dirt build-up can be brushed and mopped away. 

Why choose us for laminate flooring in Liverpool?

As a family-owned business, we know how important it is to make big decisions about your home. That’s why Mersey Flooring has provided friendly, caring advice for people across Liverpool for 20 years. 

Our dedicated team is ready to help you put the finishing touches on any kitchen, living room or bathroom. We have laminate flooring designs for every taste, with hundreds of colours and patterns to mull over. 

Our staff know everything there is to know about laminate flooring. We want to give you the best advice possible, so get in touch if you have any interior design questions. Our customer satisfaction rates speak for themselves, so if you want to work with us, we’d be happy to help. 

What laminate options do you have available?

We stock laminate flooring from 14 leading brands! You can purchase regular laminate flooring, or you could opt for Herringbone or Waterproof laminate. The Herringbone laminate comes in a specific pattern type composed of diagonal rectangles. 

Our waterproof laminate is a perfect choice for bathrooms. It is highly hygienic and durable with moisture-resistant properties, so you can use your bathroom without worrying about floor damage. 

Or, you could settle on laminate flooring with a wooden plank finish, perfect for crafting a homely, rustic atmosphere. Choose laminate flooring with a tile effect in your bathroom or kitchen to replicate the intricate knots of genuine wooden tiles.

Do you provide laminate floor fitting services?

No, we do not provide laminate floor fitting services at Mersey Flooring. However, we have many professional and qualified floor partners you can contact. 

Visit our floor room and browse Mersey Flooring’s selection of laminate flooring. Then, we can put you in touch with the perfect fitter for the job. Our showroom is open from Monday to Friday, 8:00-16:30 and up to 13:00 on Saturdays:

Atherton Road, off Brookfield Drive,
L9 7AN
United Kingdom

Do you deliver outside of Liverpool?

Yes! Mersey Flooring offers nationwide delivery for all customers. Your delivery costs and the day of arrival will be determined by the products you purchase and your location. Before your order is completed, costs and lead times will be displayed.

Simply pick the perfect laminate flooring, proceed to checkout, and we’ll deal with the rest! 

Why is wooden laminate flooring a good choice for me?

There are many reasons to choose laminate flooring, but we’ve whittled it down to our top 3: 

1. Easy Maintenance

If you are worried about keeping your laminate flooring in tip-top condition, don’t worry! Due to its high resiliency against dirt and grime, a simple vacuum will do the trick. Brush up any dust or dirt with a broom and sweep it away.

Perhaps you are worried about spillages or liquid stains. Well, there’s no need! Liquid spilt on laminate flooring that is not waterproof should be cleaned away quickly with a damp cloth. 

2. Low-Cost

Laminate flooring is the more affordable alternative to traditional wooden flooring. At Mersey Flooring, we have ensured that our products provide a high-quality finish at a low-budget cost. 

Our products start at £12.50 per metre squared and rise to £17.95 per metre squared. If you are looking for flooring that will complement your room without breaking the bank, Mersey Flooring has the selection for you.

3. Stunning Finish!

Let’s not forget that while you want your flooring costs to be low and their quality high, you also want them to look good! That’s why you need laminate flooring with a layer of high-resolution imaging. 

Our laminate flooring comes in several colours, ranging from Light Oak to Walnut, Dark to Grey. No matter what atmosphere you are going for, our selection of Herringbone, planks and tiles is bound to catch your eye.

How thick should laminate flooring be?

The recommended thickness for laminate flooring is 10mm to 14mm. 

Thicker floors provide more insulation, soundproofing, and durability. 

Can laminate flooring be used with underfloor heating?

Yes, laminate flooring can be used with underfloor heating systems. 

Ensure it is suitable for the laminate flooring you choose to prevent overheating. Underflooring heating should not exceed 27 degrees for most laminate flooring. 

What does AC rating mean for laminate flooring?

The Abrasion Class (AC) rating indicates how much traffic your laminate flooring can handle. 

This ranges from AC1, suitable for bedrooms and closets, to AC5, ideal for heavy commercial applications​​.

How long does laminate flooring last?

Laminate flooring typically lasts 20-30 years with regular maintenance and care. 

This product typically comes with five years to a lifetime warranty for your protection. 

Does laminate flooring need underlayment?

Yes, underlayment for any type of flooring, including laminate, is beneficial.

This provides additional sound absorption, insulation, and moisture resistance for a longer-lasting floor. 

Where can I install laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring can be installed in residential and commercial buildings. 

This includes any area of your home or office, including living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and dining areas. However, we recommended waterproof flooring for high-moisture areas. 

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