Kronotex Flooring

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Kronotex laminate flooring refuses to compromise on quality, and neither should you. Their Robutso range is a meticulously curated collection of first-class floors guaranteed to enhance your home’s ambience. 

Whether renovating a lounge, redesigning a dining room or redecorating the stairs, Kronotex Flooring puts endless possibilities at your fingertips. Get the charm of authentic wood grains with their realistic patterns, colours and textures. 

Bring warm hues into your home office with their oak laminate, perfect for grounding rich, earthy tones. Or, put the finishing touches on a monochrome palette with their grey oak, pairing it with a crisp white for an energetic atmosphere. 

The look and feel of Kronotex Flooring mimics real wood flooring but is, in fact, manufactured using high-density fibreboard (HDF), an environmentally compliant material. Kronotex laminate can even save you money on installation costs with its 5G Drop Lock design. 

Its user-friendly click-in system allows you to assemble the individual segments effortlessly for a customised look. Not limited to residential use, Kronotex laminate flooring is highly favoured in commercial settings such as restaurants, shops, and office buildings. 

Its durability and visual appeal make it an excellent choice for businesses needing a long-lasting flooring solution that can withstand heavy foot traffic.

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