How to Clean Laminate Flooring

How to Clean Laminate Flooring

Here at Mersey Flooring, we’ve been providing the people of Liverpool with high-quality laminate flooring for over 20 years. 

Since its creation in the late 1970s, laminate flooring has become a staple choice for bedrooms, kitchens and hallways alike, with many loving its low maintenance cleaning requirements and budget price tag. 

But what kind of upkeep does it require? Stick with Mersey Flooring as we tell you how to clean laminate flooring: we’ll detail all the equipment you need and give the inside scoop on removing stains from your floor. For all this and more, keep reading. 

Equipment & Materials List 

Before you start, ensure you’ve got the correct equipment. You’ll need to get your hands on the following items:

  • Spray bottle
  • Microfibre mop head/microfibre cleaning cloths
  • Damp mop
  • Vacuum cleaner/dust mop
  • Laminate floor cleaner 

Now that you’ve got the necessary materials, it’s time to learn how to clean laminate flooring. 

How to clean laminate floor:

1. Read the cleaning instructions that come with your laminate flooring

Every manufacturer has different recommendations. Your purchase will likely come with a detailed guide on what products you should use to clean your flooring and how often you should do it. 

By checking the manufacturer's guide, you can protect your laminate flooring from damage and start your cleaning job on the right foot. 

2. Dust / vacuum your floor 

Before applying your laminate flooring cleaner, you should use a dust mop or a vacuum cleaner to remove debris. Dirt is tracked through homes easily, especially in high-traffic areas or rooms close to your garden. 

That’s why it’s vital to give your laminate flooring a good sweep as preparation. Using a dust mop or a vacuum rather than a wet mop prevents the dirt from spreading further and can protect against scratches. 

3. Select Cleaning Solution

Select your manufacturer's recommended cleaning solution and add it to a spray bottle. Many kinds of laminate floor cleaners are available in stores and online, but with the right tools, you can create your own at home! 

You can use vinegar as a cleaning solution by combining half a cup of distilled vinegar with a gallon of water, a mild dish soap and a pleasant-smelling essential oil. Or, you can use rubbing alcohol combined with a gallon of water. 

4. Use a damp mop across the floor

Lightly spray your cleaning solution or use a damp mop to spread a thin layer onto your floor. You must minimise how much water you use on your laminate flooring, as an excess of liquid can cause the planks to become loose. 

Leave the solution to dry. 

5. Buff your floor

Use your cloth or microfiber mop to buff your laminate flooring. Once the solution has dried, this step will put the finishing touch on your floor and make it look good as new.

How to remove food stains from laminate flooring 

Now that you know how to clean laminate flooring, what about removing stains? When worst comes to worst, you can follow this Mersey Flooring solution guide for how to remove food stains from laminate flooring: 

1. Create solution 

Again, you’ll need to either purchase or create a solution acceptable to the manufacturer’s specifications. We recommend combining ten parts water with one part mild detergent or washing-up liquid. 

2. Apply and leave to dry

Apply your solution to the stain and use a cloth or sponge to rub it in. Leave it to dry before moving on to the next step. 

3. Apply ammonia mixture

For every five litres of water, you’ll need 125ml of ammonia. That means if you’re only using 1 litre of water, you’ll need 25 ml of ammonia. The quantities you prepare depend on the size of the stain. 

Pour the mixture onto the stain and wait 10 minutes for it to settle. Use a toothbrush or a soft-bristled brush and scrub the ammonia mixture into the food stain.

4. Rinse!

Once you’ve applied the ammonia mixture to the stain, rinse well with a small amount of water. Take care not to oversaturate your laminate flooring with water to prevent damage. 

5. Repeat if the stain remains

If once you’ve finished, the stain remains, wait a couple of hours before repeating the process. On your next try, increase the ratio of ammonia to water in your mixture by half and try again! 

How do you maintain laminate floors?  

You now know how to clean laminate flooring and remove stains, but what does the day-to-day maintenance of laminate floors look like? 

Well, it’s pretty simple! As we mentioned, the popularity of laminate flooring comes not only from its versatility but also from its low maintenance. To keep your floor fresh, you can complete a daily sweep or vacuum to pick up dirt tracked through the home. 

Give your laminate flooring its shine back using a mop damp with water or a vinegar-water solution: this will make your floors look significantly less dull. 

But if this still doesn’t give you the shine you’re looking for, carefully apply a coating or two of floor polish. Be careful not to fall! Your floor may still be slippy for a couple of hours. 

Choose Mersey Flooring for your Laminate Floors! 

Knowing how to clean laminate flooring is a case of reading the manufacturer’s instructions, using water sparingly and brushing up dirt daily. They’re the most manageable type of flooring around! 

Now that you know more, are you ready to make the switch? Choose Mersey Flooring for all your laminate flooring needs and be treated to a fantastic selection of products.
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