5 Vinyl Flooring Pattern Ideas

5 Vinyl Flooring Pattern Ideas

Vinyl floors are a popular choice for many homeowners. With a range of stunning colours, styles, and patterns to choose from, we can see why!

With its amazing durability, longevity, and affordability, vinyl is the perfect choice for your residential or commercial property. However, with so many patterns, it's hard to choose just one. 

But don’t fret! Mersey Flooring is here to help. Read on for the best vinyl flooring pattern ideas for you.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Pattern

When deciding on a pattern for your vinyl floor, it is important to consider your personal style and the requirements of your home. 

Consider the type of room you wish to install the vinyl. Certain patterns can affect the perception of space, making a room appear larger or smaller than it is.

Choose a pattern that aligns or flows with the direction of your furniture for a cohesive look, especially in rooms with an irregular shape. Lighting is another important aspect of any room. Evaluate how much natural light your home gets and if the floor pattern will interfere with this.

For a cohesive look, ensure that the colour and pattern of your floor match the decor in your home. There’s nothing worse than features in a room that clash!

If you want a low-maintenance floor, consider how well each pattern will hide dirt and debris and how easy it is to clean.

5 Vinyl Flooring Pattern Ideas

Gradient Effect

This includes a smooth transition or merging of two separate colours for a unique blend of colours and shades.

This can create a striking feature to your home, adding depth, movement, and a personal touch to your home decor. The seamless flow of colour can also trick the eyes into making a room seem larger, perfect for small spaces.

You can choose between a gradient effect that flows from one side of the room to the other or from the centre outward.

Hexagonal Pattern

This type of pattern uses six-sided vinyl tiles to create a honeycomb effect, perfect for a modern home.

If you love the geometric aesthetic, then this is perfect for you. A hexagonal floor adds a playful touch to your home for a stylish, eye-catching look. This is ideal for hallways, living rooms, and bathrooms. 

Choose a larger hexagon pattern for a bigger room and a smaller pattern for a compact space. Ensure that the colour blends well with the room's colour scheme.

Fish Scale Pattern

With the clue in the name, this type of vinyl flooring pattern mimics the scales of a fish, often rendered in a semi-circular shape.

For those who love nautical-inspired decor or adding natural elements to their home, the fish scale pattern is a great fit for your home. With its whimsical look, this will add character to your interior, perfect for a featured room. 

This is often a popular choice for bathrooms with its coastal aesthetic. Ensure the scales align perfectly for a cohesive look, and choose a scale size that doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Basketweave Pattern

The basketweave pattern uses rectangular tiles to mimic the interwoven strands of a weave basket, creating a vintage look for your home. 

This style of vinyl is perfect for a warm and homely feel, ideal for living rooms and bedrooms for an inviting atmosphere. 

If your home lacks depth or character, the basketweave vinyl floor pattern will create a textured and intricate look, transforming your interior.

Terrazzo Style

This style of vinyl includes small pieces of marble, quartz, granite, and glass for a unique and maximalist appearance, mimicking the authentic look of terrazzo. 

Many homeowners install this in visible areas such as hallways and kitchens to draw guests' attention. This will create a retro-modern style for your home for a fun and eye-catching look.

Its eclectic feel adds an element of playfulness and sophistication to any home. 

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