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Mersey Flooring

Mersey Flooring has arrived!! Hoorah!!!

On behalf of all staff at Mersey Flooring, we’d like to welcome you to our new amazing website! Please take your time to have a nose around at what we can do and learn a little bit about our history. Proud manufacturers, capable suppliers, and biggest distributors of laminate flooring accessories in the UK.


How we started…


After we decided to open our doors to the local people of liverpool, our showroom operating by the name Mersey Flooring was created. We now own the biggest showroom in the whole of Merseyside. We would like everyone to visit our site and see our impressive range of laminate floors because we do feel that we are the best.

Need help with what’s required to get a fantastic laminate floor? That’s easy, and you’ll receive great advice to make sure you get an impressive floor. Sold at a very cheap cost, fitted professionally by our fitters with all the extra’s to go with.

So here we are, after 15 years of being a little bit quiet to the local public. We’ve arrived to show the whole of Merseyside how great we are at what we do. Don’t just buy from a shop that simply purchases in small quantities and puts a margin on top, come and see the manufacturers and cut out all the middle men.

We’ll update our news feed every couple of months. Enough so that it keeps you updated with the ins and the outs of the flooring game. But spaced out enough so that its not overload of information that makes you want to run away!

Come and see the manufacturers. The UK’s leading distributors of MDF accessories

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