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A lesson about the level of quality of laminate flooring

Everyone thinks the same thing, it’s all about the thickness of laminate flooring, the amount of times I’ve heard: “I demand 12mm laminate flooring I want the best quality pronto!!” hold on a minute mate and put your breaks on, it’s not about the thickness, take a seat and listen up this won’t take long……


It is ACtually, ACtually….about the AC rating. What the bonkers is that I hear you think? Well each laminate has a toughness grading from AC1 up to AC5, and here is an insight to what you’re buying when you do:



  • AC1 – Moderate Residential Use – One Person, residential, moderate traffic, suitable for bedrooms or guests.
  • AC2 – General Residential Use – Residential, general traffic, suitable for living rooms or dining rooms
  • AC3 – Heavy Residential Use – Residential, heavy traffic, suitable for all areas
  • AC4 – General Commercial Use – Commercial, general traffic, office, boutique, café
  • AC5 – Heavy Commercial Use – Commercial, Heavy Traffic


So you want at least AC3 laminate that would ensure a long product life & look great for  years. And you’d be happy to hear that here at Mersey Flooring roughly 5% of our floors are AC3 so you have plenty to choose from! Oh and……


The rest of our stock is 85% AC4 and roughly 10% AC5, so quality is never an issue!!


So in summary, if it wasn’t for the fact that it never stops raining in good old sunny England, you could probably lay our laminates down as your driveway they’re that hard wearing. Keep an eye out when you see something that seems too cheap to be true; it will be a low grade AC rated floor and not wear well over time. Make sure to ask questions about the warranty and guarantee also.


Come and purchase quality that will last for many years, come to Mersey Flooring today!

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